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CalScream XXI

2021-05-15 23:00 UTC - 03:00 UTC

The annual tradition of controllers screamin' (or maybe just controlling, who knows?) at pilots over California continues, for the 21st time since 2001.

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Cross the Pond Westbound

2021-04-24 20:00 UTC - 04:00 UTC

The biggest VATSIM event of the year comes to SFO...

The timings are not quite confirmed yet, but we are posting this sign-up so we can start gathering people's availability. We will keep you updated with more precise timings as we know them.

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Any amount of time you are available is appreciated...its going to be a long day

Blow Your Tax Refund in Vegas (Support)

2021-04-12 23:59 UTC - 04:00 UTC

ZLA and JoinAVA welcome you to the 4th edition of "Blow your Tax Refund in Vegas".

We will probably get a decent bit of traffic coming from/to ZOA, so this is a good opportunity for anyone looking to staff up on a Monday night and get some experience!

Shift 1: 2359z - 0200z (4:59 PM - 7:00 PM PDT)
Shift 2: 0200z - 0400z (7:00 PM - 9:00 PM PDT)

This is not an official ZOA event, and a roster will not be made for this event. The sign ups and positions on the day of are first-come first-serve. SMT is authorized. Feel free to staff up positions that are not listed as well!

Spring Fling FNO

2021-04-09 23:00 UTC - 04:00 UTC

Come one, come all for a great night of flying (and controlling) on the West Coast. ZLA, ZOA, ZLC, and ZSE will be staffing up their major airports.


Date & Time: April 9th, 2300z-0400z (4:00 PM - 9:00 PM PDT)

Note: the form will collect your email simply so that you get a confirmation of your sign up (so that you can refer back to it if you forget what you signed up for)

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Sacramento River White Water Wednesday (KRDD, KCIC)

2021-03-31 23:59 UTC - 03:00 UTC

Date: March 31th, 2021

Time: 5 - 8 PM PDT (2359-0300z) 

In the past you may have seen CIC_GND online? Yeah?? Well this time they will respond when you call them at ZOA's White Water Wednesday(edited)

Shift 1: 5-6 PM PDT (2359-0100z)

Shift 2: 6-7 PM PDT (0100-0200z next zulu day)

Shift 3: 7-8 PM PDT (0200-0300z next zulu day)

KuMi Fly-in (VA/Group Flight)

2021-03-31 20:30 UTC - 21:30 UTC

This is a re-occurring group flight that has been happening since 2002, going to a different destination every Wednesday, with the goal of one of the members of the group flight to touch down as close to 21:00z as possible. This upcoming Wednesday, they will be flying into SFO, with 10-20 pilots expected. These are very experienced VATSIM pilots, so it should be a good time with a relatively busy portion in the middle.

This is not a ZOA event, and a roster will not be made. Positions are first-come first-serve including on the day of the event. SMT is authorized.

Cross the Pacific 2021

2021-03-20 17:30 UTC - 23:00 UTC

After a hiatus of a few years, cross the pacific is back. Take out your favorite long-hauler, depart Asia, and arrive a few short hours later on the west coast of the US.

Featured Airport: SFO
Date & Time: March 20th, 1730z-2300z (10:30 AM - 4 PM PDT)

We will need to staff ZOA starting 1730z and NCT starting 1800z. Remember that PDT starts March 14th, meaning pacific time will be Zulu - 7.

Sign up Form:

Beautiful and Busy! (LAX-PDX Crossfire Support)

2021-03-14 23:00 UTC - 05:00 UTC

Date: March 14th, 2021

Time: 4 - 8 PM PST (2300-0300z) Keep in mind, Mar 14 is the start of daylight savings time, 23z=4pm Pacific, adjust your zulu conversions accordingly and don't show up an hour early to the event, unless you want to.

ZLA and ZSE will be hosting their LAX-PDX crossfire event on March 14th, 2021. We should try to log on in support of the event.

The sign ups for this event are purely to indicate that you can make it. A roster will not be made for this event, and positions are first-come first-serve on the day of the event. You may work any position you want, even if it is not listed here.

Shift 1: 4-6 PM PST (2300-0100z)

Shift 2: 6-8 PM PST (0100-0300z next zulu day)

Shift 3: 8-10 PM PST (0300-0500z next zulu day) (cleanup)

Norcal Sunday (KOAK, KHWD)

2021-03-07 23:59 UTC - 03:00 UTC

ZOA will be staffing Oakland (KOAK) and Hayward (KHWD) fully as well as some other airports in our airspace. Come bring your passenger jets, freighters, or GA aircraft into Oakland, the airport that can do it all. Hayward will be open for your bizjet and other GA needs as well.

Airports: KOAK, KHWD (and possibly others)
Date & Time: March 7th, 2021, 4 - 7 PM PST
Date & Time (Zulu): March 7th, 2021, 2359-0300z

Shift 1: 2359-0100z (4 - 5 PM PST)
Shift 2: 0100-0200z (5 - 6 PM PST)
Shift 3: 0200-0300z (6 - 7 PM PST)

Storm the Bay FNO

2021-02-27 01:00 UTC - 05:00 UTC

The banner is just temporary!

Airports: KSFO, KSJC, KSMF
Date & Time: February 26th, 2021, 5 - 9 PM PST
Date & Time (Zulu): February 27th, 2021, 0100-0500z

Sign ups now open!

Please use this form to indicate your availability and preferences (this will act as a sign-up for this event):