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ZSE Winter Wonderland FNO (ZSE Support)

2020-12-04 23:59 UTC - 04:00 UTC

Join ZSE at the beginning of our favorite time of the year! On December 4, 2020, Seattle ARTCC will be staffing up KSEA, KPDX, and some other airports (TBA in the pilot brief) from 1559-2000 PST (2359-0400Z). Bring our your favorite aircraft in FS2020, or stay in your old, but trusty, XP11 or P3D sim. ZSE is excited to bring you guys another great event.

Time: December 4th, 2020, 3:59 - 8 PM PST (2359-0400z)

ZOA will be staffing up to support the ZSE FNO.

Shift 1: 2359-0400z

Only required positions are listed for bid. There is no official roster for this event, if you are available please sign on to an available position (staffing the required positions first).

Sunday Brunch in Seattle (ZSE Support)

2020-11-29 18:00 UTC - 22:00 UTC

Event Description: Come One, Come all! We are starting up our Monthly Events starting with Sunday Brunch in Seattle. After having some brunch in Downtown Seattle, make a Mid Day flight to ANY of your favorite airports! Starting at 10:00am (1800z) and ending at 2:00pm (2200z) we will be having all of your favorite ZSE controllers staff up at Seattle! (after our brunch, duh) Hope to see you there!

There are no sign ups or official roster for this event - if you are available please sign on to an available position during the event.

Highway 5 Festival - FNO (ZOA/ZLA)

2020-11-14 01:00 UTC - 05:00 UTC

Date: Friday, Nov 13th, 5PM - 9PM PST (Nov 14th, 0100-0500z)

Featured Airports: SFO/SJC

Important Note: The shifts below are not fully accurate. Refer to the spreadsheet for the fully correct assignments.

Roster Spreadsheet:

Shift 1: 0100z - 0300z (Nov 14th Zulu time)

Shift 2: 0300z - 0500z (Nov 14th Zulu time)

Shift 3 (Cleanup): 0500z - 0600z (Nov 14th Zulu time)

West Coast Freight Ops (ZOA/ZLA/ZSE)

2020-10-31 23:00 UTC - 03:00 UTC

Like flying freight? Sick of waiting for the jetway to animate its way to your front door? Don’t like hearing the whine of passengers when you stick that bird down nice and firm? Well this is for you. The peace and quiet of freight are quite alluring – move those boxes from point A to point B in record time and enjoy the freedom of spacious freight parking’s. Seattle, Oakland and LA invites you to our west coast freight ops night where we highlight the need of our air freight carriers and conduct freight operations on the west coast. Fret not if you do not fly freight – many airlines in these crazy times are converting to freight operations with their passenger aircraft. How else you going to get that new iphone?

Event Brief:

Time: 2300z/4pm PST
Date: 31st October

Shift Brief:

Shift 1: 2300z - 0100z

Shift 2: 0100z - 0300z

NorCal Splits

Area B/A (combined) - NCT APP
Area C (split) - Grove/Sunol/
Area D - (combined) - Richmond

Regional Night - Valley Haze

2020-10-21 01:00 UTC - 04:00 UTC

Dust off your favorite props and come fly through the California Valley. Come explore our airspace and enjoy a relaxing evening of low and slow flying. If you have a need for speed, we will have Sacramento International open for any of the big jets you would like to fly.

Pilot Brief:

Time/Date: 6 - 9 PM PDT on October 20th (10/21 0100-0400z)

Shift 1: 0100-0159z

Shift 2: 0200-0259z

Shift 3: 0300-0400z

I Left My <3 in San Francisco (Virtual USA Flying Club)

2020-10-12 00:00 UTC - 02:00 UTC

Welcome back to the west coast. As Tony Bennett sang; ‘I Left My Heart in San Francisco’, and hopefully so will some of you.

This is a complex, challenging VFR event. Flexibility will be built in for different comfort levels. This event will feature very narrow airspace, Class Delta, Charlie, and Bravo airspaces, Class Bravo VFR transitions, and the use of VFR flyways. It is meant to challenge you with frequent frequency changes, complex airspace, and maneuvering near large airfields and aircraft all while taking in the beauty of the San Francisco bay area.

Controllers will work with you, but the most important thing to remember is to have fun.

Time: Sunday, October 11th, 5 - 7 PM PDT


  • Please prioritize sign ups to LVK, RHV, PAO, and SQL local

The Lake Tahoe Experience (USA FLYING CLUB)

2020-09-22 00:15 UTC - 02:15 UTC

The Lake Tahoe Experience Monday,
 September 21st 8:15pm-10:15pm EDT (0015-0215z +1)

Welcome to the Lake Tahoe Experience! Lake Tahoe is a large freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, straddling the border of California and Nevada. We will be busting out our favorite general aviation props (cruise speed less than 150knots) and enjoying the beautiful lake views. Just be careful not to run into any of the mountain peaks all around!

Tracon Tuesday VI

2020-09-16 01:00 UTC - 04:00 UTC

Welcome to our long running series of events that is Tracon Tuesday VI. An event where we staff up a few Tracon sectors and give our controllers abit of fun, where we try to really mix in the VFR/IFR traffic. This time round we are featuring some interesting airspace, some high altitude flying in Reno, fly around the Reno area giving our controllers a run for their money.

Shift 1: 0100z - 0159z

Shift 2: 0200z  - 0259z

Shift 3: 0300z - 0400z

ZLA presents: MSFS Shakedown (ZLA)

2020-08-18 23:59 UTC - 04:00 UTC

The latest Microsoft Flight Simulator is finally here among us. Enjoy your first ride in the SoCal area with ATC coverage at LAX and San Diego plus satellites so that you can also explore the surroundings on VFR flights. ATC coverage will be from 2359 to 0400z (1700-2100p).

ZOA Providing support to ZLA. SMT positions allowed for this event. 

California Screamin' XX

2020-05-23 23:00 UTC - 03:00 UTC

Head over to for more information about the historic annual event featuring ZOA and ZLA. In celebration of the twentieth annual CalScreamin' event, we're adding prizes!

We are kicking this year off with a bang, and have reached out to a few dev's to come on board and help with our event to offer random prizes to those who fly in the event. (Must be booked through the website). All information is provided on the website - but if you have any questions you can answer below or contact