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Santa Barbara Sunday (ZLA Support)

2022-01-17 01:00 UTC - 05:00 UTC

ZLA is proud to present an event featuring the Santa Barbara area on Sunday January 16th. Featured airports will be KSBA KSMX KSBP KCMA KOXR and ATC coverage will be provided from 17 to 21p (0100z-0500z).

Note: This is not a ZOA event, so SMT is authorized on all positions. A roster will not be made for this event. You can use the website form to indicate your interest in a position (and you should respect the preferences of others who show up on the day of the event and have signed up on this page).

Shift 1: 0100z - 0300z (5:00 PM PST - 7:00 PM PST)
Shift 2: 0300z - 0500z (7:00 PM PST - 9:00 PM PST)

VATUSA Winter Wonderland (Themed Friday)

2022-01-14 23:59 UTC - 04:00 UTC

The holidays are over, but winter has just begun! Come join VATUSA in celebrating the winter weather by flying around the country on another Themed Friday! Staffing across the nation will begin around 2359z and go until the pavements are too slick with ice. Oh, what the adventures you'll find in VATUSA's Winter Wonderland!

Note: A roster will not be made for this event. You can use the website form to indicate your interest in a position (and you should respect the preferences of others who show up on the day of the event and have signed up on this page). Not all possible positions are shown - feel free to staff up anything you want.

Shift 1: 2359z - 0200z (3:59 PM PST - 6:00 PM PST)
Shift 2: 0200z - 0400z (6:00 PM PST - 8:00 PM PST)

Opposite Day in the San Francisco Bay

2022-01-10 00:00 UTC - 04:00 UTC

San Francisco International Airport is known for its closely spaced approaches to runways 28L and 28R, as well closely spaced departures from runways 1L and 1R. SFO runs in that configuration for the majority of the year, but in the rare occasion that winds are strong out of the east or southeast, the bay area falls into what is called "Southeast Plan", where San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose flip their direction of operations. For this event, we will be putting ourselves into Southeast Plan, rain or shine (or unfavorable wind). Come experience this once a year (seriously! this configuration only happens a few times a year!) configuration with us.

Interest Form:

Featured Airports: SFO, OAK, SJC
Date & Time: January 9th, 2022, 4 - 8 PM PST (7 - 11 PM EST, 0000z-0400z)
Note: Zulu time falls on the following date in Zulu

Routing Notes
Please make sure to file the following arrivals to avoid having to adjust your routing mid-flight.


  • Instead of the BDEGA# arrival, file the STLER# arrival (arrivals from the north)
  • Instead of the DYAMD# arrival, file the ALWYS# arrival (arrivals from the east)
  • Instead of the SERFR# arrival, file the WWAVS# arrival (arrivals from the south)

  • Instead of the WNDSR# arrival, file the AANET# arrival (arrivals from the north)
  • Instead of the OAKES# arrival, file the BANND# arrival (arrivals from the east)
  • Instead of the EMZOH# arrival, file the SKIZM# arrival (arrivals from the south)

  • Instead of the BRIXX# arrival, file the FRLON# arrival (arrivals from the north)
  • The SILCN# and RAZRR# arrivals are compatible with southeast plan

Ending the Year in Paradise FNO (ZAK Support)

2021-12-17 22:00 UTC - 04:00 UTC

PCF is hosting their 4th annual Ending the Year in Paradise FNO, and has requested our support in staffing Oakland Oceanic.

Staffing Period (Pacific Time): December 17th, 2:00 PM - 8:00 PM PST
Staffing Period (Zulu Time): December 17th 2200z - December 18th 0400z

Sign-up Link:

Winter on the West Coast FNO

2021-12-04 00:00 UTC - 04:00 UTC

Another day, another FNO, the details are below!

Airports: SFO, OAK (SEA, SLC, LAX, LAS also featured)
Date & Time: December 3rd, 2021, 4:00 - 8:00 PM PST
Date & Time (Zulu): December 4th, 2021, 0000z-0400z

Sign up link:

The VATUSA Turkey Dash

2021-11-12 23:00 UTC - 03:00 UTC

The temperature is dropping, the leaves are changing, and the fall breeze has arrived! Come celebrate the fall season during our next Themed Friday, The VATUSA Turkey Dash. On November 12th starting at 2300z, the VATUSA division will open up the skies with ATC services all across the country! Come try and chase down some turkeys in your favorite aircraft while enjoying the VATUSA Twitch stream. We wish you all good luck, since these turkeys can fly over 500mph at times!

Sacramento Saturday

2021-11-07 00:00 UTC - 04:00 UTC

Join us for a fun Saturday evening of flying in and out of the Sacramento area. We will have SMF, SAC, and MHR staffed, so whatever your fleet consists of, one of these airports will be able to accommodate you.

Airports: Sacramento International (SMF), Sacramento Executive (SAC), Sacramento Mather (MHR)
Date & Time: November 6th, 5 - 9 PM PDT
Date & Time (Zulu): November 7th, 0000z - 0400z

Sign-up Link:

Down the Coast

2021-10-08 00:00 UTC - 03:00 UTC

You've had enough of the hustle and bustle of commuting using the Caltrain, and want something more peaceful. On October 7th, join ZOA for a scenic evening trip down the Northern California coast. All kinds of bizjets, helicopters, bugsmashers et. al. are welcome!

Featured Airports: Santa Rosa (STS), Half Moon Bay (HAF), Monterey (MRY)
Date & Time: October 7th, 5 PM - 8 PM PDT
Date & Time (Zulu): October 8th, 0000z - 0300z

Toga Party II

2021-09-18 23:59 UTC - 04:00 UTC

Toga Party? Toga is the name of one the sectors covering San Jose, named so since there are many planes that execute go arounds in the sector. Well, maybe not, but that's the lie we are going with.

Ever since we had the first Toga Party a few years ago, we've been itching to do it again. So here it is! San Jose (for your jets) and Reid Hillview (for your props) will both be staffed for your flying desires.

Airports: KSJC, KRHV
Date & Time: September 18th, 2021, 5 - 9 PM PDT
Date & Time (Zulu): September 18th, 2021, 2359-0400z

Note: the form will collect your email simply so that you get a confirmation of your sign up (so that you can refer back to it if you forget what you signed up for)

Sign ups:

Caltrain Commute

2021-08-29 23:00 UTC - 02:00 UTC

Rumor has it that at ZOA, we like trains. Well, that happens to be 100% fact, so we thought, what better way to show our love for trains than by having a train-themed plane event? This summer night, join us in your favorite piston, turbo, or F40PH as you commute between SJC, NUQ, PAO, and SQL.

Airports: SQL, PAO, NUQ, SJC
Date & Time: August 29th, 4 - 7 PM PDT (23z - 02z)

SMT is authorized for this event. Please sign up for featured event airport cabs first (SJC, NUQ, PAO, SQL) before signing up for other cab positions. Our first priority is to make sure we can have at least a tower staffed at each event field.