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The Oakland ARTCC on VATSIM strives to be one of the most professional and realistic ARTCCs in VATUSA, and controllers are expected to know and learn a significant amount of information. Our mission here is dedicated to the highest quality ATC services delivered with a sense of friendliness, individual pride, and ARTCC spirit. Our airspace covers the harrowing Bay Area airspace including San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose, as well as challenging mountainous airports like Reno, Lake Tahoe, and Mammoth Lakes. We've got something for everybody!

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Current ZOA Flights 7

  • 7 San Francisco (SFO)
  • 0 Oakland (OAK)
  • 0 San Jose (SJC)
  • 0 Sacramento (SMF)
  • 0 Reno (RNO)
  • 0 Monterey (MRY)

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Feb 21
Brady Curotto completed the Mountainous Terrain Endorsement TRACON Exam!
Feb 20
Jaehu Lee completed the ZOA Route Building Knowledge Check!
Feb 20
Luka More completed the Oakland CD Knowledge Check!
Feb 19
Nora Zhang completed the Oakland CD Knowledge Check!
Feb 18
Wayne Dunham completed the Oakland CD Knowledge Check!

vZOA Top Controllers

Top Controller Monthly Time
Giovanni Go "GO" - 1483188 47:48 hrs
jon japrapto "JJ" - 1610384 38:14 hrs
Ken Greim "KG" - 1652151 33:57 hrs
Philippe Dellaert "PD" - 1628999 32:23 hrs
Rowan Young "RY" - 1385367 19:32 hrs
Top Facility Monthly Time
Oakland Center 82:24 hrs
Norcal Approach 62:12 hrs
Oakland Ground 58:42 hrs
Oakland Tower 50:58 hrs
San Francisco Tower 36:57 hrs
Top Controller Weekly Time
Ken Greim "KG" - 1652151 08:11 hrs
Giovanni Go "GO" - 1483188 05:30 hrs
mathew howard "MO" - 1600697 04:43 hrs
Matthew Tedesco "MT" - 919571 03:17 hrs
Trevor Lemp "LT" - 1156372 03:02 hrs
Top Facility Weekly Time
Norcal Approach 09:56 hrs
Oakland Center 06:35 hrs
Fresno Approach 06:33 hrs
Oakland Tower 05:30 hrs
San Francisco Ground 04:04 hrs
Top Controller All Time
Matthew Chicoine "MC" - 815543 3872:11 hrs
Brett Wells "BW" - 810036 2779:44 hrs
Dominic Nguyen "DN" - 1200795 2529:35 hrs
Michael Mund-Hoym "" - 1038942 2161:05 hrs
nick navarro "NN" - 1082318 2040:34 hrs
Top Facility All Time
Oakland Center 15972:11 hrs
Norcal Approach 13300:38 hrs
San Francisco Tower 6118:18 hrs
San Francisco Ground 4763:32 hrs
Oakland Ground 2951:28 hrs

Recent vZOA Feedback

Feedback for Giovanni Go

Absolute Legend, Managed it like a pro and was very polite and kind to me. I put in my Remarks in my Flight Plan that I was a New Pilot, and he Took Note of that and sent my Flight Plan Via Text for ease on both of us. If I see him on Tower, Ill be Hopping in to do a Flight at his Airport. Honestly, Gave me 100/10 Taxiway Instructions and Corrected his Mistakes as he Made them. Whenever I received Clearance to take off Via Whiskey 5 (RWY 12) He made a Minor Mistake by not Saying the Taxiway Info and I didn't even notice his mistake until he corrected. He Corrected it before I could get my hand on my throttle to go TO/GA. I appreciate Controllers like this who help fellow new pilots advance. 10/10

  • Submitted by Gavin Cyganiewicz flying N1271
  • |
  • ATC Position: OAK_TWR

Feedback for Philippe Dellaert

friendly, clear, and professional. i'd like to give him special kudos since while i was on the frequency, he was guiding a very new, young pilot around and being patient with them.

  • Submitted by Teagan Collins flying N2077
  • |
  • ATC Position: SJC_TWR

Feedback for Dominic Nguyen

I flew from San Francisco to North Las Vegas today and SFO Tower was awesome. Very professional and calm considering the amount of traffic at SFO. 5 stars, would fly again!

  • Submitted by James Vignato flying N513JL
  • |
  • ATC Position: SFO_TWR