CRC Familiarization

File Description Date Action
CRC Familiarization Guide Document to guide you in transitioning to CRC. Includes a link to a setup video as well as a STARS new features familiarization. 29-Oct-2023
CRC STARS Familiarization Document with a link to the CRC STARS Familiarization Guide 29-Oct-2023

vATIS Files

File Description Date Action
ZOA vATIS Profiles Version 2.2 with IDS support 01-Jan-2021
Multi vATIS profiles Version 4.0 with IDS and multiple connections support. 30-Nov-2023

Misc Software Files

File Description Date Action
vZOA Info Tool vZOA Info Tool is a desktop application to help the controllers of the Oakland ARTCC on VATSIM quickly access status, routing and airspace information. 03-Jan-2023

Evaluation Standards

File Description Date Action
Major Ground PV Rubric Version 1.0 14-Jul-2020
Major Tower PV Rubric Version 1.0 14-Jul-2020
Area D PV Rubric Version 1.0 14-Jul-2020
Area C PV Rubric Version 1.0 14-Jul-2020
Area A PV Rubric Version 2.01, fillable PDF 21-Sep-2022
Area B PV Rubric Version 1.0 14-Jul-2020

Training Support Files

File Description Date Action
VFR Phraseology Guide (PDF) Version 1.0 11-Aug-2020
S1 Sections of 7110.65 21-Aug-2020
S2 Sections of 7110.65 13-Aug-2020
S3 Sections of 7110.65 13-Aug-2020
Recording a Voice ATIS 13-Aug-2020
Let's Talk VFR 13-Aug-2020
Bay Area Traffic CBT About the Bravo, Transitions, Bay Tour, KOAK, KSQL, and more. 11-Sep-2020
Spatial Coordinates in Flight Plans 21-Sep-2020
NCT Mid-Shift Maps NCT maps for areas A, B, C, and D - mid-shift (no split areas). Provided for study. 15-Oct-2020

Airspace Diagrams - for Study

File Description Date Action
NCT Diagrams (ALL) 16-Feb-2021
SFOW NCT Areas as single diagram 15-Feb-2021
SFOW - NCT A 15-Feb-2021
SFOW - NCT B 15-Feb-2021
SFOW - NCT C 15-Feb-2021
SFOW - NCT D 15-Feb-2021
SFOE NCT Areas as single diagram 15-Feb-2021
SFOE - NCT A 15-Feb-2021
SFOE - NCT B 15-Feb-2021
SFOE - NCT C 15-Feb-2021
SFOE - NCT D 15-Feb-2021

Cheat Sheets

File Description Date Action
TAF and METAR Key A key to decoding a TAF or METAR. 10-May-2022
SFO Airlines Airline identifiers and callsigns for airlines serving SFO RW 13-Aug-2020
OAK CD/GC Cheat Sheet Cheatsheet for Oakland Clearance Delivery/Ground 21-Oct-2023
SFO GND Cheat Sheet 2108 SSTIK5, WESLA5 etc 16-Aug-2021
SFO Runway Configuration Selection 11-Aug-2020
SJC GND/TWR Cheat Sheet 18-Feb-2022
SMF GND Cheat Sheet 2010 SCTWN4, RVRCT4 19-May-2022
LAX and LAS Arrival Cheat Sheet UPDATE - New LAS Metroplex Arrivals 28-Feb-2021
ZSE Arrivals Cheat Sheet 13-Aug-2020
ZLC Arrival Cheat Sheet 13-Aug-2020
Common San Francisco Routes 20-Sep-2022

Misc Files

File Description Date Action
Guide to Alias Routes (PDF) Adapted routes in the alias file and how to use them. 15-Oct-2020
ZOA Approach Phraseology Guide (PDF) Version 1.0 15-Oct-2020
SFOW Flows - Diagram 14-Oct-2023
SFOE Flows - Diagram 14-Oct-2023
Truckee-Tahoe (TRK) RNAV Visual 29 Approach plate depicting the RNAV Visual 29 to TRK 15-Oct-2020
Class E Airports in ZOA 15-Oct-2020
NCT DVA's 30-Nov-2023
Master Frequency List This document is a consolidated list of all frequencies assigned with with ZOA airspace. 25-Apr-2022