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2022-01-14 23:59 UTC - 04:00 UTC

The holidays are over, but winter has just begun! Come join VATUSA in celebrating the winter weather by flying around the country on another Themed Friday! Staffing across the nation will begin around 2359z and go until the pavements are too slick with ice. Oh, what the adventures you'll find in VATUSA's Winter Wonderland!

Note: A roster will not be made for this event. You can use the website form to indicate your interest in a position (and you should respect the preferences of others who show up on the day of the event and have signed up on this page). Not all possible positions are shown - feel free to staff up anything you want.

Shift 1: 2359z - 0200z (3:59 PM PST - 6:00 PM PST)
Shift 2: 0200z - 0400z (6:00 PM PST - 8:00 PM PST)

If you are a ZOA Controller, login to bid a position for this event.
Event Info
  • Name: VATUSA Winter Wonderland (Themed Friday)
  • 2022-01-14 23:59 UTC - 04:00 UTC
  • Total Shifts: 42
  • Available Shifts: 32
  • Shifts Bid: 10