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2024-08-04 00:00 UTC - 04:00 UTC

In accordance with CPS-002 2.3.6 solo endorsements are not authorized for use during events. Exceptions must be approved on a case by case basis by the Training Administrator.


AUGUST 3 4-8pm PT

Location: Grand Hyatt @ SFO Int. Airport

Airports: SFO OAK SJC

Tentative Schedule:

8:45 arrive at the tower to get paperwork done for everyone and visitor badges handed out
9-11: have CPCs and OJTIs come down meanwhile taking groups of 5 ish upstairs to the tower, we can stay later than 11 just depends how long it takes to get through everyone
Rest of day: Free time, we can check out the plane spotting sights check out the SFO Museum on site, maybe even on a break look at the TSS 

Saturday: event day
Morning: Free Time
Around noon: show up begin setup (we have the room for the full 24 hours)
4-8: event time
Rest of night: cleanup staffing and take down the room

Sunday: Free time, depending on when people’s flights are we maybe do a group breakfast or something

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Event Info
  • Name: ZOA LIVE 2024
  • 2024-08-04 00:00 UTC - 04:00 UTC
  • Total Shifts: 0
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